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The Horizons Project
  As I have stated in some products manuals, the Oblivion movie really intrigued me and gave my imagination and creativity a much needed boost. Sometime in the fall of 2014, my frustrations with the big sites in the hobbyist 3D community reached an all new high. I finished up two products I was working on and turned off my computer.

  During the technology hiatus I had time to get some much needed honey-do-list items taken care of. I also had time to watch some TV and catch up on some movies I had missed. Having a subscription to Starz, I found a lot of good sci-fi movies, of which I am a fan of. Between 2012 and 2014, there were a lot fascinating science fiction movies released.

  I particularly like space, alien and end-of-the-world stories. Among the movies in this genre, like Guardians of the Galaxy, Day after Tomorrow and Interstellar. But it was the Oblivion movie that really jumped out at me. Some critics panned this movie, but I think the critics were panning it because it starred Tom Cruise. That issue aside, I thought the storyline and plot were excellent.

An alien life-form abducts two astronauts and clones
them to engage in an assault on Earths inhabitants
to have an unobstructed access to the planets vast
resources. After a war that included use of nuclear
weapons, the Earth was left in a devastated state and
humanity in shambles and living in the shadows.

  What got me excited about this movie was how well it lent itself to a 3D platform and all the possibilities that went with it. During the construction of the Horizon models, I did a lot of research on this story and found it very intriguing. I am sharing the information I discovered and extrapolated on.

Project Status
This project is currently under construction. What will be included are an interactive Map Viewer, user submitted Graphic Novels, Storyline ideas and colaberation, detailed Background information and exclusive add-ons for the Horizons product line.

SkyHab Control Room

  This project is dedicated to alternate and continuing the Oblivion storyline. In the Feeds panel on the right, 'Main Map' displays various maps and 'Tet Cam' links to the storyline page and submit form for story ideas or comments.

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