A Shared Universe Graphic Novel

A Sci-fi anthology composed in 3D by multiple authors.

"A shared universe is a literary technique in which several different authors create works of fiction that share aspects such as settings or characters and that are intended to be read as taking place in a single universe." -Wikipedia

The year is 2284 and humanity has spread across the galaxy with reckless abandon. Establishing colonies, bases and even vast cities on every habital planet that was reached. But the human race must have gone one planet too far. A year after a devastating war, humanity is trying put the pieces back together. However, humanities very nature may prevent it...

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This graphic novel is 'R' rated and contains violence, adult situations, nudity,
sexuality and foul language. NOT intended for children.

I am 18 years old or older and not offended by nude images or adult situations.

Scenes from 'Undertow' The Blood Moon Shadows

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