Earth is a memory worth fighting for...
An alien life-form abducts two astronauts and clones them to engage in an assault on Earths inhabitants to have an unobstructed access to the planets vast resources. After a war that included use of nuclear weapons, the Earth was left in a devastated state andhumanity in shambles and living in the shadows.

Content Warning

This graphic novel is 'R' rated and contains violence, adult situations, nudity,
sexuality and foul language. This novel is NOT intended for children.

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Anthology Synopsis
  The destiny of Tech team 49 has been set, and to some degree, even that of Jack 52. But what about all the other Tech teams in North America? After the space station's destruction, what has happened to Techs 50 and 51, not to mention 53 through 58? Now we can find out. To further the storyline, this site is open to all sci-fi writers that want to participate. Whether you are just interested in writing or use 3D programs such as Poser or Daz Studio to visually tell a story, everyone is welcome.

  Some things within the Oblivion realm should remain consistant. The sky tower is the home base for the Tech teams and stories should be located in some portion of what was the United States. Time periods after the TET is destroyed is the target for these series, but events prior can also be included as long as it doesn't contradict the original storyline.


Contributors Wanted

The Oblivion Aftermath graphic novel is a Sci-fi anthology composed in 3D by multiple authors.
"A shared universe is a literary technique in which several different authors create works of fiction that share aspects such as settings or characters and that are intended to be read as taking place in a single universe." -Wikipedia

Got a story idea that would fit in with the Oblivion universe? We would love to host your illustrated story here. If you would like to find out more, click here.



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