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. Personal Electronics Protector Website Design .

  Our first product is the Personal Electronics Protector. On December 19th of 2013, I submitted the paperwork to the Patent Office for the standard model and two other related designs. So, Patent Pending.

  As a Mechanical Engineer, working with several Electrical Engineers, I came up with this slick looking design that offers the best protection from natural and man-made electro-magnetic pulses (EMP). Not only will this cage stop E1, E2 and E3 particle/gamma waves, but also stops device easedropping, moderate impacts, fire AND water damage!

  The standard model is called the PEP-12. It is 25 inches tall and 12 inches inside diameter. What this product consists of is a sealing 12 gauge metal shell, threaded lid, anti-static shielded poly-styrene liner, three stacking component tubs and a locking cover plate. The ABS plastic base has rubber feet to protect floors and a special plug for grounding to a standard wall outlet.

Estimated retail will be between $40-$50

Product Features;
  • Insulated Interior
  • O-ring Sealed Lid
  • Locking Cover Plate
  • 3-Anti-static Containers
  • Special Grounding Plug

Finishes Available;

  • Brushed Metal
  • Flat White
  • Satin Black
  • Primer Grey

  I am going through kickstarter.com to get the funds needed to build the prototype and have it thoroughly tested at a company in New York state. Initially, this product will only be available through this website. But plans for expansion are already in place. If you would like to get involved, send me a message using the Contact link.

  During the market research, I discovered that I needed at least two different ways to promote the product. One style for Preppers and one for the Non-Preppers.

  For the Non-Preppers, the focus will be on privacy concerns and to protect sensitive items from floods, fires and other natural disasters. For the Preppers out there that understand the purpose of a Faraday cage, the focus will be Electromagnetic Pulse protection.

  Most of the information on these pages are related to EMP's, and in particular, HEMP (High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse) caused by detonations of nuclear warheads.

Effective and easy to use.
Protect your sensitive electronics from natural and man-made electromagnetic pulses.

With it's triple layered protection, you can safely store a wide variety of components, and will easily hold all of the following;

  • Flash Drives and Memory Cards
  • Vehicle Electronic Control Modules
  • Cameras and Video Recorders
  • Communication Equipment
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • Personal Data Pads
  • Laptops and Notebook PC's
  • Walkie-Talkies and Radios
  • Motherboards and Processors
  • Voltage Meters and Fuses
  • CD and DVD Disks
    . . . and so much more!

Available Product Add-ons;

  • Serial ID Tracking
  • Floor Mounting Kit
  • Electronic Locking Cover Plate
  • Domed Aluminum Lid
  • Stainless Steel Tub Set
  • Disguised Pedestal Top
  • Divider trays for Tubs.

More specs and videos can be found on the Products page of this website.

Design Considerations-

1. There are no holes in the body of the cylinder. All connecting parts attach to welded on supports. There are no sharp edges or corners on the exterior to build up an excessive charge and allow electrons to smootly move over the surface.

2. The rubber O-ring is not designed to keep charged particles out. That's what the threaded lid is for. The O-ring is there to keep water out. In the event of a fire, the rubber will melt at around 600 degrees (F) to release internal pressure and keep the cylinder from rupturing.

3. Designed so that it could be buried in the the ground if one really chooses to do that. Knowing that someone will probably use it as an equipment cache, was another reason for having the O-ring.

4. The grounding cord, as well as the plastic base, can be easily removed with a screwdriver.

5. The storage tubs are made of the same plastic used to make anti-static bags for electronics.

6. The unit has a serial number engraved in the rim of the upper collar and on the bottom of the cylinder. Optionally registering your unit on the website will allow you to receive a text message, email and/or phone call if your PEP is recovered after an incident.

7. The locking internal cover plate is a security feature, but it does not make it a gun safe. It can be upgraded to a code entry keypad.

8. Although rugged in it's design, it is not 'bullet proof' and can be damaged by external forces.

  There has been a lot opinions on whether or not to ground a Faraday cage. The PEP comes with a special grounding cord that must be used. The purpose of grounding the unit is to speed up the energized particle dispersion. Without being grounded, the exterior shell can hold a 'static like' charge for several minutes and could result in a powerful electric shock.

  The special grounding cord has a single twisted aluminum wire with a antenuator block in the end plug. Only the ground pin is connected and the spades are non-conductive plastic. No electric power is supplied to the unit. Having the unit connected to a standard wall outlet will give the electrical charge, created by the freed electrons, an easy path to 'ground' by utilizing an existing grounding system.

Important Notes:
  This product will only protect electromagnetic sensitive electronic devices and does not guarantee supporting infrastructure. In other words; Even though it will protect your cell phone from magnetic damage and data loss, cell service will most likely be disrupted or even destroyed after an EMP or HEMP. Don't expect to make mobile calls after such an event.

  After an EMP event, allow the unit to 'cool' for at least 15 minutes before touching it. A residual charge could still be present and deliver a fatal shock. If the unit was not plugged into a grounded wall outlet, allow at least 1 hour for 'cooling'.

  We will be testing a magnetic strip that can be placed on the metal surface to alert you if a charge is still present. Patent Pending.

More to come...

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I know there are already plenty of Survivalist websites out there, but I don't want to be just another forum. I really want a site where like-minded people may want to form a tight-knit bunch of friends for when all hell does break loose.

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