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Faraday Cage PEP-12

I just submitted for a patent number on my new Faraday Cage design and would like some feedback. I am calling this product a PEP (Personal Electronics Protector) and will revolutionize how we protect our sensitive electronics. As an Mechanical Engineer, working with several Electrical Engineers, I came up with a slick looking design that offers the best protection from natural and man-made electro-magnetic pulses (EMP). Not only will this cage stop E1, E2 and E3 particle/gamma waves, but also stops device ease dropping, moderate impacts, fire and water damage!

The standard model is 23 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. What this design consists of is a sealing metal shell, anti-static poly-styrene liner, three stacking component tubs and a lockable cover plate. The ABS plastic base has rubber feet and special plug for grounding to a standard wall outlet. Several options are being worked on and include domed top, pedestal top to disguise the unit as a stand, electronic locking cover plate, floor mounting plate and stainless steel component tubs.

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With it's triple layered protection, you can safely store a wide variety of components, and will easily hold all of the following; Flash Drives and Memory Cards, Vehicle Electronic Control Modules, Cameras and Video Recorders, Communication Equipment, Computer Hard Drives, Tablets, eReaders and Personal Data Pads, Laptops and Notebook PC's, 2-way Radios, Motherboards and Processors, CD and DVD Disks.

What I would like feedback on is;

1) Would you prefer a painted exterior shell, or leave it brushed metal? What colors?

2) Besides the standard size, what other sizes/shapes should I consider?

3) Other then what's listed above, what would you put in your PEP?

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 Re: Product Announcement
To let everyone know, I have changed the way the top attaches. Instead of a screw on style lid (which failed in the EMP testing), to a three flip up latches. These latches are similar to the kind found on a canister vacuum and military style containers. I will update the above images AFTER this next round of testing to completed.