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Mission Statement

This is not a prepper or activist site.

  Survivors' Rest is about giving patriots useful information on surviving what may come, introducing members to others in their area and a plan to survive the unthinkable.

  The site is designed to be a safe and secure place for people to create local groups, learn from each other and practice skills needed to survive a worst case scenerio.

 Informative articles and commentary to keep you advised of current events leading up to the collapse (that frankly may never come).


Right-wing Oath



 !! Read this before registering !!

  There are 3 levels of access for this site. The first, most basic, is for Visitors where there is no access to the forums and no member information is available. The second level is for Registered Users and allows access to the forums and basic member information. The third, and upper most, level is for Full members which has access to all the sites features and member information.

   Registering for a user account is the first step in becoming a Full Member of Survivors' Rest. As a registered user, you are considered a visitor and will only have access to a portion of the Forums.

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  Before you can register, you will first be asked to answer a few questions. Unfortunately, these steps are necessary to weed out spammers, dissenters, trolls and signup-bots. Once you get to the Registration page, use the following pattern for your username; first name (dot) last initial (underscore) and state abriviation, such as Robert.S_AZ for example. Any username registration not following this format will be denied Full Member access.


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Site Rules


  If you contribute to a forum thread, backup your information with facts. The forums are for sharing information and NOT a 'soapbox' or place for conjecture or 'what if scenerios' or arguing about a point of view. The Survivors' Roost forum is a Question and Answer platform.

This is a PC free zone! Please check your 'political correctness' at the door.

  Forum Trolls will be 'demoted' after receiving one (1) warning. If you are demoted as a Registered User, that means you will be banned from the site. If demoted as a Full Member means you will be back to the Registered User level. Attacking others point of view just to cause an argument will not be tolerated. Pointing out flaws or incorrect information MUST include constructive remarks and links to credible sources. The forums are for helping each other develope survival plans and group coordination.

Private Messages

  Do not spam users with unsolicited messages. This includes the Scraps board on Members profiles. Spammer will be demoted.


  Continue to be active in your groups. If you are not able to physically attend a meeting, be sure to stay active in the forums. Anyone not logging in for more then one (1) month will be sent an email to confirm status. Failure to login to the site after two (2) months, you will be considered as inactive and result in demotion.

Full Membership

  As a Full Member, you are not allowed to hide behind a keyboard. Before you will be considered for membership, you will need to supply your full name or just your first name (dot) last initial, your present location, a current email address and a recent photo in your profile. Any other information you wish to provide in your profile is optional. All member applicants will be verified against a national database before you will be accepted as a full member. Your personal data will not be viewable, shared or released to anyone outside our member network, EVER. I will destroy the entire database if member information is compromised or subpoenaed.

 Additional content is available to full members (as shown to right).

  If you feel you were rejected unfairly, feel free to use the 'Contact Us' form and explain your situation. We will review the facts and let you know.


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Latest Group
Washington Survivors

Washington State Survivors

Textiles and tanning,
First-aid, Natural medicine, Shelter building, Agriculture, Water purification, Archery, Distant communication, Horsemanship, Metallurgy, Boating, Hunting, Fishing and Animal raising.

Planned organized events to include;
Camping outings, Nature tours, Paintball tounaments, Gear show-n-tell, and more.

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