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Welcome to Survivors' Rest

There are already plenty of Survivalist websites out there, but Survivors' Rest is not just another forum.

America's Colapse is Inevitable

 Whether you realize it or not, our once great country is doomed to the same fate as the Roman Empire, for a lot of the same reasons. Corruption, decadence and greed have brought down every great empire before ours, and America is not immune or special. We are at a dangerous precipice and any number of situations has the ability to push us over the edge.

The questions is;
How are you going to survive the coming chaos?

 Most people have little or no survival training. There are some that think they have the slightest idea, but get their information from shows on the Discovery Channel. This is your wake up call, when the time comes, your survival tactics will be nothing like that viewed on TV. It's NOT going to be you against nature. Nature will be the least of the problems. Hungry, sick and angry people are going to be the real threat. Others doing whatever they can to survive one more day... just like you.

 So, having bottled water and canned food stored up in your closet along with a gun and a box or two of ammunition will save you from the next power outage caused by a blizzard or hurricane. But that is for short term recoverable situations. It's the non-recoverable collapse that will put you to the real test. It will be dog-eat-dog and most people will not survive.

 How are you going to protect and care for your family and loved ones? Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons and barricade yourself in your home? Guns will be useful until you run out of ammo and have finally hurled it at a foe intent on taking that last can of garbonzo beans from you. You will need a better plan then that.

 We simply cannot do this alone. But we have a plan. The goal for this website is to gather and recruit individuals with specific skills and knowledge, but more importantly, with the same mind-set and fortitude. We can then connect and coordinate these individuals into efficient groups to rally at predetermined locations around the country when all hell does break loose.

 If you don't feel this nation is on a disastrous course, then this site is not for you. However, if you are sick to your stomach with everything that has happened to our society and the errosion of our freedoms, Survivors' Rest is the place for you. We are not about sedition or separation, in fact, just the opposite. Uniting under a common banner of rule by common sense, just and enforceable laws and restoring this nation.

 Read through our mission statement and become a member if these ideas and goals are something you want to be a part of. The first step, is becoming a registered member. Sign up and get involved in the discussions and activities. Once your contributions and sincerity has been reviewed by this communities leaders, you will be invited to become a Full Member and join a group. Be advised, you will be vetted. Far left wack-jobs, pacifists, government spies, tree-huggers, welfare baggers, socialists and fascists will be rooted out and persecuted with much relish.

Take the first step, and become a member

But if you're still not convinced our nation is doomed, continue reading.

 Besides the failures of our generation, a fragile financial system, or just from the actions of this current government should be all the proof you need...

Government's Betrayal of Our Military

The Government's Betrayal

of Our Military Personal

 In 2006 hundreds of graves of fallen American Heroes were desecrated and left in disrepair at Arlington Virginia.

 In September of 2012, the embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by terrorists. Several brave Navy Seals put their life on the line, as they always do, to defend our Ambassador. They died waiting for reinforcements that would never come. Forces that could have helped or even saved these brave warriors were told to 'stand-down'. These orders can from the White-house.

 The Veteran's Administration kept secret waiting lists that allowed deserving veterans to die waiting for care. Care promised to them for serving our country.

When Bushies blew a CIA cover, it was 'treason.' Now, it's a mistake.

 On June 1st of 2014, five of the most dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay were released in exchange for one soldier. A soldier that was a deserter, and in my opinion, is a defector and terrorist sypathizier. Brave men and women died to capture these bastards that assisted in attacking America in 2001. The White-house says it was a P.O.W. prisoner exchange, however criminal terrorists are NOT prisoners of war. But more importantly, prisioners of war are exchanged after a conflict has ended. AFTER!

 These released terrorists WILL do further harm to America, and it has already started. The emboldened Al-Quada have taken over several cities in Iraq. Cities that members of our armed forces fought and died to liberate. Now that the terrorists in the middle east know they can get their brothers-in-arms in exchange for a captured soldier, the dangers to our troops have doubled.

Link: C-SPAN Sec. of Defense testimony

 It has become very obvious that President obama is using our troops as political pawns. This feckless President is hell bent on destroying America. I have no idea why this man is still breathing.

 If you are a former or current member of the armed forces and disgusted by the treatment of our government, you really need to become a member of Survivors' Rest.

Dissolvement of Your Rights

Your Constitutional Right's

are Under Attack

  Check Points by the Border Patrol in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Califonia are unconstitutional and against the principals of this nation. These check points are not on the U.S.-Mexico border, but hundreds of miles inside our country along mostly East-West State highways. American citizens being harrased unnecessarily. If these jack-wads had done there job in the first place, they wouldn't need to be checking peoples citizenship hundreds of miles from the border.

 Repeat after me.

"I do not consent to searches. Can you show cause to detain me, or am I free to go?"

Learn more what you can do to protect yourself by becoming a member.

Rigged Voting
Voter supression

Little you can do after the fact

 Members of the policical group, Acorn, canvased low education neighborhoods to get signatures of registered voters to get Senator Barak Obama on the ballot for the 2008 presidential election. With thousands of bogus signatures (even Mickey Mouse signed their petition), the group barely got enough signatures.

 During the 2008 elections, members of the Black Panthers stood in front of polling places, with weapons in hand. White and Hispanic voters were intimidated into not going to the polls and cast their vote.

 By the time the voter fraud and intimidation was uncoverd, Obama was already President and had placed Eric Holder as head of the Justice Department. There would be no recall forthcoming.

If this pisses you off to no end, please become a member.


 Melowese Richardson is now serving a 5 year prison sentence for voter fraud.

Beating a dead horse

Barry's Citizenship in question:

 Even more egregious is that Barry Obama should never had been on the ballot in the first place. I realize that the birth certificate scandal has ran it's course, but this isn't a conspiracy theory. When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they referenced the 1758, The Laws of Nations by Emerich de Vattel. In clause 212 - Citizens and Natives it states, “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents [plural] who are citizens.”. Obama would NOT be a natural-born citizen. His father was a 'foreigner' and not a citizen of the United States. Obama's children would be, but not Barry´╗┐.

IRS Tyranny
Plead the Fifth

 The dreaded IRS, under the direction of an avid Obama  supporter, delayed not-for-profit status approvals for conservative groups prior to the 2012 election. This directly prevented Republican and Tea-party groups from gathering campain donations. No one wanted to be dupped by phoney campaign websites and wanted to donate through accredited organizations. 

 Accredement denied to legitimate political groups resulted in the opposing party to garner three times the financing. This election was stolen by immoral appointees of the Obama administration.

 The director of over-seeing the 501c applications, Mrs. Lerner, was called before congress to explain the disparity. After making a long winded excuse and declaring her innocence. she pleaded the Fifth Admendment to not answer questions.

If you are angered by this, you should become a member.

June 2014 Update: Conveniently, the IRS now says they lost most of the emails from Lois Lerner. You know, the one's that connect Lerner to the White House and the Department of Justice. This is also what happened in the Nixon Watergate scandal which forced Nixon to resign from the Presidency. The only difference here, is that the main-stream media is not following this story.
Voter Suppression

Requires Valid ID


Show an ID to vote? Hell Yes!

Several States do not require some form of proof of either residency, age or citizenship to vote in public elections. How is this even possible when I have to show an ID to buy beer or cash a paycheck?.

If you think your vote doesn't
count for anything anymore,
consider becoming a member.

Gun Rights

Dispite what the government is saying, they are actively restricting your gun rights

 Besides some states limiting magazine size and bans on 'assault' type weapons, the Obama administration is now using executive orders to stifle gun ownership. If the government can not stop you from purchasing a firearm, they will just make it extremely difficult to find.

 After failing to get gun control passed on Capitol Hill, they have resorted to using executive power to try to put some in the firearms industry out of business. Citing internal Justice Department documents, a congressional committee concluded that the administration used a program known as Operation Choke Point to target legal companies that it finds “objectionable.”.

Do you like your 2nd amendment rights?
You really should Become a member.

Gun Rights


After failing to get gun control passed on Capitol Hill, they have resorted to using executive power to try to put some in the firearms industry out of business. Citing internal Justice Department documents, a congressional committee concluded that the administration used a program known as Operation Choke Point to target legal companies that it finds “objectionable.”

You still need more proof the United States is going down the drain? That this current President is simply going to ride off into the sunset after his term is finished? When it appears the progressive Democrats will NOT be in charge of the White-house after November of 2016, all hell is going to break loose. They simply have too much on the line, including their hides, to let common sense, integrity and morals upset their well layed plans. Nation-wide Martial law is coming and you need to be prepared, or you will likely die.

Stop denying the facts,
sign up to be a member of Survivors' Rest today and protect your future tomorrow.

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