Transitioning to Gaming Art

In 2018 MeshWorks has been moving toward creating art, models and storylines for online MMORG game platforms. Many projects have been completed, but because of NDA's I cannot share details. However, I have started my own project...

[size=large][color=990033]The RuneKeepers[/color][/size]
Story Synopsis

The orcs, goblins and ogres of the magical kingdom of Rarkonir have stolen the Runes of Carnal Passions. Worse yet, they have somehow learned to use them and now terrorize the cities and towns by charming and seducing young maidens for their pleasures. As the Protectorate of the Runes, you must find out why this is happening and put a stop to it. The quest won't be easy and is fraught with danger. Recruit, train and equip others to be Rune-Keepers, to help you find and return the sacred Runes to their proper place.

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