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10/07/2008 -Coming Soon Items
Along with the Governor Palin Accessories, I am working on a third Stage Set called the VP Debate. In putting this together, I needed to make a quick Palin character to use in the screen shots and thumbnails. Although not very good, it should get the idea across. I am sure there is someone out there that can do a better job creating characters.

On that note, can someone make a Sarah Palin character? The one I used is the A3 Jacqueline, but it's not real great. Send me a character morph for V4, V3, A3, Stephanie peitite or Maya Doll and I'll set the props accordingly. I would like the morph to be available to everyone. I can post a link to your page or I can host it here at MeshWorks, which ever you perfer. Send me an email or use the online Contact form and let me know.

10/06/2008 -New Prop Added
Added Free Debate Podium prop and coming soon items to Products Catalog.
10/02/2008 -New Prop Set Added
The Studio Set #2 has been completed and added to the products catalog.
09/27/2008 -Creating Daz pp2 Props
After a few conversations with David, the creater of ToolBox, I was finally able to compile the props I have been working on into pp2 files. I have to say the props work great now. A special thanks goes out to David for all his help. This is now my standard proceedure for creating characters and props...

->  -> -> 

Once I have created the object and imported into ToolBox II, I can save the item as a Poser Prop (pp2) which adds all the neccessary files to DAZ|Studio. From there I use the Cr2 Editor to parent the different props together and save this as a single final item. David has said he will look into adding prop parenting to ToolBox. That would reduce the steps down considerably.

09/14/2008 -New Prop Sets Added
Added several new items to the Products Catalog. The Bedroom Stage #1 and the Studio Set #1 have finally been completed. Currently working on the Livingroom Stage Set and expansion for the Studio Set.
09/10/2008 -New webpage- MeshWorks
I have split the original Erotic & Sensual page into two parts. The new MeshWorks page is now the primary site and geared to more general audiences. The Erotic & Sensual page is for the mature tastes. MeshWorks will go through a few changes on the next few months as I tweek some pages, but the general scheme will stay the same. Send me feedback to let me know what you think of the new page.
09/03/2008 -Tool Box II
After using Greenbriar's Tool Box Demo program for about a month I decided to buy it. I can now create more complex props, characters and clothing... as soon I learn how to use it correctly. I am not yet sure if it's worth the $99. I'll read the pdf manual/tutorial again and see if I can get decent stuff out of it. I will work on a few of my multi-stage props over the next week and let you all know.
08/30/2008 -New Models Added to Free Stuff page
I was working on a mall scene in Daz and was thinking about what I might find a woman carrying. Trying not to sterotype anyone, I put togather two props. I added a womans Handbag and a paper type Shopping Bag prop. The texturing work I think came out pretty good.
08/24/2008 -Erotic & Sensual webpage update
Complete revamp of the Read Me files including an index.
08/22/2008 -New Models Added to Free Stuff page
It's the week of the Olympics and I enjoy watching the women's gymnastics competitions. I saw a render contest for something to do about the Olympic games and realized an important prop wasn't available (though I didn't look very hard). So I set down Thursday night and created an accurate Balance Beam prop for Daz and Poser. In order to get the regulation beam height correct, I also needed some kind of measuring guide. A Height Guide has been added to the Free Stuff page. It is an accurate measuring guide for D|S and Poser.
08/15/2008 -Upgrades
I finally broke down and bought the Victoria 3 head and body morph pack. I will start practicing with lighting and camera angles. When I get that worked out, I'll be able to produce some really nice works.
04/04/2008 -Erotic & Sensual webpage created

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