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About MeshWorks

MeshWorks is the trade name for the 3D products sold through Krown Products Ltd, the parent company. Think of it like the Craftsman tool line of the Sears and Robuck Co. or Lucern products for Safeway grocery stores. It is a way to protect the intellectual property rights for the 3D content I create. This is also why you see 'KPL Original" on products in the MeshWorks website and store.

One thing that separates MeshWorks from other content creators, is that I reproduce 'real life' items. I am in no way politically correct and believe PCness is a bunch of crap. Say what you believe and stand behind what you say. Have a little honor for christ-sake. Because of this, you will find items on my sites that bare actual trade names and logos. I can do this because I create a near perfect reproduction of the said product.

The Tool Box is a good example. It is exactly like the real tool box that you can buy at Sears and thus, contains the trademark logo 'Craftsman' on it. If a corporation has a problem with me advertising their products free of charge, then they can come to me with their complaint. I will set them straight. If they insist on their complaint, I will send them a bill for $20,000.00 as an advertising fee. If they pay it, I will happily remove the offending product from my store.

With that said, I will ONLY use a trade name/mark on a product that is an exact representation of the 'real life' item. As an end user of trademarked items, you are free to use them in any personal renders you wish. However, if you sell or make any money from a render you create, it is advised that you request permission from both myself and the company in question. In most cases, permission will always be granted. You may be asked to include a credit mention or link to the companies website.

If you feel uncomfortable using name brands in your renders, simply change the graphic to something else. All logos and trade names are done in a way that changing it can be easily done with a simple graphics editor. Knock yourself out and feel free to share your re-branded graphics with others. Rebranding can also be entertaining. For example, in the RV expansion #4 'Cook-out' I rebanded the ketchup to 'Bunt's' instead of 'Hunt's' and the 'Van Camps' pork and beans to 'Band Camp'... flute not included. Sorry if you don't get the pun.

The majority of the items I create are generic and require no special permissions and can be used in any way. If there is a 'real life' item you need and can't find anywhere, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do. Some pictures and dimensions would be of great help. As a side note for the PC assholes out there, aka Daz Forum Moderators (Richard), shove it where the sun never shines.

Because of the nature of website design, the MeshWorks homepage and online store are separate entities. This means having a user name and password for each site. But you are welcome to use the same log in ID's for both. One of the main reasons for doing this is eventually the store will have 256-bit encryption and I will be able to process credit cards on the site. Until then, I will continue to use PayPal and Google as the payment gateway. l

I hope you get a lot of use from my products. And, since you read this far, I offer a coupon code for 50% off your next purchase in the MeshWorks store. Use the coupon code NEWSTORE at check out for half off. Enjoy!

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