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If you would like to become a member of the MeshWorks site, send us an email and we will manually add you. Our email address can be found in the readme file of any MeshWorks freebie or product.

Report message:*

Email sent to all MeshWorks store customers

Subject: Email sent to all MeshWorks store customers
by administrator on 2017/3/25 8:05:43


As you probably know, the MeshWorks homepage and store are separate sites and required separate logins. Recently we gained the ability to add MeshWorks customers to the database for the homepage. However, since we couldn't do this from the beginning, the system used your email address you used during registration as the username and the last payment amount as the password.

For example, if your email was johndoe @ mymail.com and the total of your most recent purchase was $4.99, then your login on the MeshWorks homepage would be;

Username: johndoe @ mymail.com
Password: $4.99

Don't forget the correct currency amount (dollar, euro, pound) in the password. If you don't remember your last purchase, simply login to your store account and view your history. If you only got freebies in your last order, then use $0.00 for the password. Your registering email will also be listed in your account information.

Go to the MeshWorks homepage and use your information to login. Select 'View Account' and change your password to whatever you want. If you have any trouble logging in, Send us an email and we will get it sorted out for you. Note; If you have an exceptionally long email address, the username will be just the first 30 characters.

Once you have logged into the MeshWorks homepage, be sure to grab your $5.00 off coupon code on the front page (expires 10/25/18). We very much appreciate you as a MeshWorks customer. If you have any questions, please email us at;

Thank you,
-Al Sterner

Become a Vendor at MeshWorks

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