MQ-9 Reaper

Ver. 1.0


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Description: Reaper, (also known as Predator B), became operational in 2007 and as it began flying combat missions over Afghanistan. This Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV overcomes most of the difficulties encountered with previous UAVs that commonly must compromise between conflicting demands for payload, speed, altitude, speed and persistence. With an operational ceiling of 50,000ft, and higher cruising speed, Reaper can cover a larger area, under all weather conditions powered by a single Honeywell TP331-10 engine, producing 950 shp, which provides a maximum airspeed of 260 kts and a cruise speed for maximum endurance of 150-170 kts.

The Reaper is capable of carrying maximum internal payload of 800 lbs, and carries more advanced sensors that weight almost twice that of the MQ-1. Furthermore, The Reaper can carry much more external stores, up to 3,000 pounds total – 1,500 on each of its two inboard weapons stations, or 500-600 lb. on the two middle stations and 150-200 lbs. on the outboard stations. In total, the aircraft can carry up to 14 Hellfire missiles, compared with two carried on the Predator. The Reaper can stay airborne for up to 14 hours fully loaded. Trading off some of the missiles, Predator B can carry laser guided bombs, such as the GBU-12. MQ-9 is equipped with both Lynx II SAR and the MTS-B 20" gimbal, an improved, extended range version of the MQ-1's EO payload.



You can simply unpack the zipped file to your CONTENT folder.

- or -

1. Create a TEMP folder inside your CONTENT folder.
2. Unzip the contents in to the new TEMP folder.
3. Move the files from the TEMP folder and place them in the corresponding RUNTIME folders
4. Enjoy



Landing Gear-

There are ERC controls for raising and lowering the landing gear. This can be found by selecting the main figure. A special thank you to Mark F. (KageRyu) for his expertise and getting this feature to work the way it is supposed to. The landing gear can be folded up by moving the dial to it's furthest position.

ERC Controls-

In addition to the landing gear, there are controls for each landing gear separately, wing flaps, Propeller spin and camera pod. Again, thanks to Mark for these great improvments.

Missile Exhaust Flames-

Load the right and/or left Missile Flame prop to the model in it's default position. Select the the main figure before loading the props and they will be parented to the corresponding missile. Smoke can be added in post-work or 3rd party props can be used. You may want to add an orange tinted spotlight just below and to the rear of the missile for more realism.

How to's:

Alternate Textures-

This figure is UV mapped and will accept a variety of textures such as camoflauge or custom paint themes. ReaperMap.jpg template included.

The decals are a separate prop and can be modified using the 'ReaperGraphics' and 'ReaperGraphics-trans' images in the /textures/MeshWorks/MQ-9 Reaper/ folder. Watch for other themes and templates at the MeshWorks website or at forums.


There are two propeller styles included, one stationary (default) and one with a spinning blur. Use the ERC control to switch the 'alternate geometries' on the Prop Blades.

File Structure:

... content\
This html document *
KPL Originals\...
Html related graphics *
MeshWorks\MQ-9 Reaper\... *
MeshWorks\MQ-9 Reaper\...
!MQ-9_Reaper.cr2 !MQ-9_Reaper.png
MeshWorks\MQ-9 Reaper \...
Default Mats_P5.png
Default Mats_P5.pz2
Default Mats_PP.png
Default Mats_PP.pz2
MeshWorks\MQ-9 Reaper\...
Guided Bombs.png
Guided Bombs.pp2
Hellfire Missles.png
Hellfire Missles.pp2
Missile Flame (Left).png
Missile Flame (Left).pp2
Missile Flame (Right).png
Missile Flame (Right).pp2
MQ-9 Reaper Loaded.cr2
MQ-9 Reaper Loaded.png
Default Mats_P5.png
Default Mats_P5.pz2
Default Mats_PP.png
Default Mats_PP.pz2
MeshWorks\... *
Common\... *
MQ-9 Reaper\... *

* Must be located in this folder.
** Includes matching png files.


Daz|Studio 1.4 or higher or Poser 4 or higher.
Tested with Daz|Studio Only.


The files enclosed in the zip file are free to use for all non-commercial/personal renders. Files may not be re-distributed without my express permission, and under no circumstances are any part or whole of these files to be used for a commercial 3D product. Please don't sell it or claim it as your own.

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