Balance Beam Prop

a Krown Products Original


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This is an accurately detailed and scaled balance beam as used in the 2008 Olympics in China. It is 12 feet long and regulation height of 49.24 inches. This brand model is signed by gold medalist Nastia Liukim.

Disclaimer: Krown Products Ltd.© and/or American Athletics Inc. are NOT responsible for any injury to your 3D characters from improper use of this model. Proper training and instruction are necessary for safe usage :P

Also, watch for the gym floor mat prop and acrobatic poses for Vicky, Stephanie, Aiko and Terai Yuki available soon from the website.


You can simply unpack the zipped file to your CONTENT folder.

- or -

1. Create a TEMP folder inside your CONTENT folder.
2. Unzip the contents in to the new TEMP folder.
3. Move the files from the TEMP folder and place them in the corresponding RUNTIME folders
4. Enjoy

File Structure:

... content\
This html document *
KPL Originals\...
Html related graphics *
KPL Originals\...
Balance_Beam.obj *
KPL Originals\...
Balance Beam.png
Balance Beam.pp2
KPL Originals\... *

* Must be located in this folder.


Daz|Studio 1.0 or higher or Poser 4 or higher.
Tested with Daz|Studio Only.


The files enclosed in the zip file are free to use for all non-commercial/personal renders. Files may not be re-distributed without my express permission, and under no circumstances are any part or whole of these files to be used for a commercial 3D product. Please don't sell it or claim it as your own.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, feedback or suggestions through Email or the online form at the website.


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