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Accurate, high detail model of a Nascar style race car. Base chassis and body are separate figures. Several levels of 'add-on detail' for the interior and engine compartment so you can add just the parts that will be visible. Wheels turn and spin, hood and trunk open and steering wheel rotates. This is currently the Grand Prix, but other makes/models are in the works including the new COT styles.

Set includes 3 scene backdrops; Victory lane, Finish line and Pit garages. Also has an easy to use templates to create your own car themes. Add-ons and texture sets are welcome and encouraged.

Poser directory compliant. Daz users will find MatPose files in the Extras sub-directory.

Recent Updates (Version1.1)
I added another level of detail to the interior that has nose, interior and trunk tubing. Now that the trunk lid opens, I also needed to add the fuel cell and filler tubes.

Enjoy ; )

Sample Renders

Click to see full size. No post work done in any of these renders. Renders done in Daz Studio 2.33 and DS3a with 2 or 3 lights.

Product Updates


Update #1


This update has additional files for the Stock Car. Mostly, this is for the Layered Decals to make using them a little easier. Be sure to see the inclosed Readme file for install instructions.

More Updates Coming Soon...

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Stock Car Chassis
Base chassis and body are separate figures. There are several levels of 'add-on detail' for the interior and engine compartment so you can add just the parts that will be visible.

2002 Stock Car Chassis
This is a typical spec chassis that was used in all Nascar stock cars from the mid 80's up to the COT (Car Of Tomorrow) body style. Wheels turn and spin, hood and trunk open and steering wheel rotates.

COT Stock Car Chassis
This item not yet available. Please check this manual or the MeshWorks website at a later date for availability.

Front Suspension
There are four components that make up each the left and right Suspensions. The names of the parts are not accurate, but make it easier to understand their intended purpose. You can select both the left and right front wheels to turn them in unison. Use the left or right front wheel to spin the tires and not the tire itself or the lug studs will not line up correctly. All the tires can be unparented from the chassis, which allow them to be moved or deleted.

The camber setting is initially hidden, but can be used to tilt the wheels in or out. The right front camber should be set according to the banking of the track which ratio is about 3 to 1. For example, if the average banking at the apex of the corner is 12°, then the right front camber would be 4°.

If you set up a scene where the car is jacked up, you should move the lifted front suspension down to it fullest range of 4°. On a real race car, this movement is physically limited to make changing the tires quicker by not having to raise to car as high.

Rotation Properties

Front Suspension
(Up/Down; 4° )

Left Spindle
(Camber; +/-2° )
(Turn; +/-20° )

Right Spindle
(Camber; -4° /+6°)
(Turn; +/- 20° )

Front Wheel
(Spin unlimited).

Seat Belts
There is an alternate geometry in the 'Seat Belt' to fit Micheal 3. The seat belt can also be scaled and moved to fit other figures without much difficulty.
Roll Cage and Window Net
The window net can be lowered by rotating it on the Z axis.

Rear Suspension
Similar to the front suspension, the rear axle can be tilted slightly and lowered.


Window Net Up/Down and Chassis Raised Right/Left mat poses -download

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Engine Details

Initially, the chassis loads without an engine. This is because a full engine will add over 4 megabytes to your scene. In most cases, none of the engine components are visible and don't need to be loaded. Each level of detail are parented props, so be sure to select the base chassis before loading any of the engine details.

Basic Engine
You can add this component if any parts of the engine can be seen. For distant shots where the hood is open, the basic engine may be all that is required. There are 6 parts that make up the basic engine. These parented props includes the Basic Engine prop which is the engine compartment roll bars. Engine Block with valve covers, carborator, air cleaner, starter, and oil pan; Radiator with fan shroud; Transmission; Driveshaft and Transfer Case for the rear axle. The basic engine only adds 1.2 mb to the scene and individual parts can be turned invisible or removed.

Engine Detail Level 1
This is good if the underside of the model is visible from the front or sides. If the render will include a view with either of the front wheels off, the Basic Engine and Detail Level 1 should be used. This single prop Includes the fan, water pump, alternator, power steering pump with connecting drive belt, exhaust headers, rack and pinion steering box, connecting rods, steering shaft and shock absorbers for the front suspension. Level 1 details add about 1.4 mb to your overall scene.

Engine Detail Level 2
Any time a render might have a close up view of the engine, this detail level in conjunction with Detail Level 1 should be used. This is a single prop that includes distributor, spark plug wires, fuel log and filter, throttle cables, ignition wiring, upper and lower radiator hoses, hydraulic brake cylinders with fluid reservoirs and transmission cooler. Level 2 adds 1.7 mb to the scene.

Future products in this line will include different engines and their related Detail Levels. For example, on Ford engines, the distributor is located at the front of the engine block. Engine logos will also be updated as alternate geometries.

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Interior Details
There are two details levels for the chassis.

Interior Detail Level 1
This is a single prop that includes the dashboard gauges, 4-way rear view mirror, fire extinguisher, gear shift lever, dual multi-spark ignition modules, brake bias adjuster knob and fuel cell in the truck. In most cases, you will want to add this detail level as several components are visible in typical renders. Level 1 details add only 0.8 mb to a scene.

Customizable texture maps are 'Gauges.jpg' and 'InteriorMaps1.jpg'.

Interior Detail Level 2
These multi-part props were an after thought, but add a few optional components to the Stock Car. The parent prop, Interior Detail 2, consists of the hood pins. There are also props for the front Brake Ducts located in the nose, Rear Gear Cooler hose and Refueling Tubes in the trunk. These add just half a meg to the scene.

More Interior Detail sets will be available for other manufacture body types.

NOTE: If you have version 1.1 of the Stock Car Base and are receiving an error for a missing texture file, please download this image " CarQuestTop1.jpg " and place it in the ' Runtime/textures/KPL Original/RaceCar/ ' folder. This was intended to be an interior sponsor decal for the dashboard, however, because the sponsor decals load to the body and not the chassis, this texture does not work as intended. You may modify the label as you see fit or just reduce the transparency to zero.

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Grand Prix Body

2002 Grand Prix Body
This is the first of the Stock Car bodies. Features opening hood and trunk. After loading the body, parent it to the Chassis.

Other body styles may
include the following.
make model


Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo SS


Buick LeSabre


Dodge Intrepid


make model


Ford Thunderbird


Oldsmobile Cutlass


IROC Camaro
Trans Am


Planned COT

Planned Add-ons: Morphs for adding crash damage.

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Layered Decals

The big advantages is in the car body. It's a figure that has two mapping options, UV mapped and Non-mapped. The one body handles both styles, and is cross compatible.

The Non-mapped style uses trans maps as separate decals. These are broke up into four sections; Headlights/tail lights; Sponsor decals; Driver decals; and Body decals. Each has it's own map that can be customized. Poser users may not like this much because of all the trans maps.

Stock Car Decals

You could use the 'decal' style and customize the four base images labeled 'GrandPrix- n .png' (n=BaseDecals; Decals; Personal-color; and Sponsor). A matching trans map would need to be created. In this version, these textures are named to easily identify them as decals. The Base Decals load with the body as 'GrandPrix decals' and does not have a template.





(Click images to download templates)

I included samples in both the 'Layered Decals' and 'UV Mapped' folders. Special care should be used for the samples in the 'Paint Themes' folder. Each theme loads the full set of decals. Be sure not to have any decals on the base body before loading any of these, otherwise they will overlap.

How to use the Layered Decals;
Load the Stock Car body to your scene. Be sure the base figure is selected and apply the following Decals which are found in the 'Layered Decals' folder.

Grand Prix Decals Driver
Grand Prix Decals Lights
Grand Prix Decals Sponsors

The default 'MeshWorks' decals will be loaded on to the Stock Car. With the base figure still selected, apply the Paint theme you wish to use. This can be a Material Preset, Paint Theme or even one of the plain UV mapped styles (without number or sponsor).

Apply the Sponsor decals;
Locate the pareneted decal props in the Body hieracrhy. Select each decal one at a time and apply the 'Decal' (located in the 'Paint Themes' folder) to:

<car type> hood -- Hood Decal
<car type> trunk - Truck Decals
<car type> rear -- Quarterpanel Decals

Apply the Number decals (located in the 'Decal Sets' folder), one at a time to the following parented props:

<car type> body -- Roof Decal
<car type> body -- Door Decals
<car type> nose -- Nose Number Decal
<car type> rear -- Rear Number Decal

The great thing about having the decals as parented props is the ability to use different Paint themes and Sponsors in various combinations. Select the base figure and apply different Base Materials for a completely different look.

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UV Mapped Body

The UV mapped style uses a single image for the body markings. You can create a single map with a custom paint job, sponsor decals, fender stickers and car number using one of the base textures or via the included template. No trans maps would be needed.

Alternately, you could create a custom paint scheme AND use layered decals. In this render, I used the UV Mapped body 'NorthWestTour White' and added the layered 'Personal' decals to add the car number. I also added the 'Sponsor Decals' to get the quarter panel decals (I hid or deleted the unused decals). Click for bigger image.


Share your custom
Templates at

an affiliate member of
Krown Products Ltd.

Custom paint themes are welcome and encouraged.
UV Mapped Template


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Scene Settings

Set includes a background prop and 3 scene settings; Victory lane, Finish line and Pit garages. These can be linked together to create a larger scene.

There is a template for the Victory Lane sponsor board.


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Tools & Parts
Floor Jack
Prop has movable handle and lift arm. The casters are stationary.
Jack Stand
Prop with support bar that can be raised and lowered. This may need to be scaled down a little.
Spare Parts
Simple props to add to
your scenes.

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Racing Flags -bonus

Coming Soon...

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Final Word

The artist has an in-depth knowledge of race cars and their workings. Having raced in three divisions at a local Nascar sanctioned track for three years as an owner/driver. He also had a short career in the Nascar Late Model Stock division and was based in Danville, Virginia. The tracks that were raced on in this semi-pro circuit included Martinsville, South Boston, New Smyrna Beach, Raleigh, Hickory and Asheville Speedways.

If you like this product, please support it by making your own custom paint themes and sharing them with the community. It is always great to get feedback on the MeshWorks products. Please take a minute and let us know what you like or don't like about this project. Even negative reviews are welcome. Really, I can take it. It helps me to create better products for you.

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Product Expansions

'78 Cobra Motorhome
Accurate, high detail model of a vintage 1978 recreation vehicle for Poser and Daz Studio. Over 28 components that open/close, swivel/rotate such as cabinet doors, front wheels and even the sun visors. This model has been built to include the smallest of detail, including a complete engine, undercarriage and functional living area. The Motorhome is divided up into sections so that separate areas can be turned on or off to better allow unobstructed camera angles. This model renders very nicely and doesn't need post work.

Price: $9.95 USD

Cargo Trailer/Car Hauler
Moving your content has never been easier! Opening side door and rear ramp. Includes storage cabinets and floor guard add-on props. Alternate textures and png template also included. Designed to work with the KPL Cobra Motorhome.

Price: $4.95 USD

Tool Box and Tools
Portable 3 drawer tool box and 50 piece tool set props. Drawers on the case open and lid is hinged. Tool set includes; Pickle fork (tie rod removal tool), Square nose pliers, Needle nose pliers, Side cutters, Micro tools in plastic case, Ratcheting socket wrench, Long extension, Short extension, Sockets on holder, 12mm socket, 8mm tapered socket, Spark plug socket, Breaker bar, Flat and phillips screwdrivers in standard, long and stubby sizes, 6mm to 22 mm box end wrenches, Large 25mm wrench, 10" Crescent (adjustable) wrench, Mag Light, Extension wand with mirror and Rubber mallet. Set now has bonus Tire gauge with working needle.

Price: $5.95 USD

Paint Themes

Free Custom
Templates at

an affiliate member of
Krown Products Ltd.




Texas Pete Sauces

Third Party Links Game Texture Add-ons (these will need to be remapped)
* dist. with permission
map type



site link
Numbers & Logos



Nascar Racing 2009



Nascar 2, 3 and 4



SimRacing 2003



Other Resources:

Another good source of logos and number are model decal sheets. Several online resalers have a good selection and have fairly decent decal scans that can be used as templates.

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