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I am sure it is obvious that this has been modelled based on the 2013 movie 'Oblivion' starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough. The Name Horizons comes from the unpublished graphic novel written by the movies director, Joseph Kosinski. If you haven't seen this movie, you can read a good synopsis at this website. However, I would highly recommend seeing this great sci-fi movie.

The SkyHab, or Skytower, is the base of operations and home for the TET's Resource Gatherer Support teams, namely Jack Harper and Vika Olsen. These structures are built high in the air, typically at 1500' above sea level and consist of three operation levels, a base trestle structure and a footing base. The operation levels are the Control Room, Main Living Floor and a Workshop.

Synopsis (spoiler alert): The destiny of Tech team 49 has been set, and to some degree, even that of Jack 52. But what about all the other Tech teams in North America? After the space station's destruction, what has happened to Techs 50 and 51, not to mention 53 through 58? Now we can find out. To further the storyline, this sky tower is the home base for the Tech team 57 located in the North-West portion of what was the United States.

This is a complex model with many detailed components which took over two years to create, texture and poserize. Granted, I also rebuilt two of my personal vehicles, had two vacations and in the middle of preparing to move during the projects construction. The Oblivion movie really intrugued me and gave my imagination and creativity a much needed boost. I trust you will find my attention to detail in this re-creation to your satisfaction. As always, if you find descrepancies or errors, let me know through the 'Contact Us' from the MeshWorks homepage.

Enjoy ; )

Sample Renders

Click to see full size. No post work done in any of these renders. Renders done in DS3a with 2 or 3 lights.

Product Updates
product zip name version





Model is a .pp2 prop with parented components.
Control and object files. Initial product release.
Model texture files. Initial product release.
Update to Main Floor and Footing Style 1 files (Poser errors in obj and cr2).

If you purchased an out of date version of this product, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Please use the Contact page to send us a message. Please include purchase information with date and purchase location.

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This Product is Fully
Poser and Daz|Studio
Directory Compliant

You can simply unpack the zipped file to your CONTENT folder.

- or -

1. Create a TEMP folder inside your CONTENT folder.
2. Unzip the contents in to the new TEMP folder.
3. Move the files from the TEMP folder and place them in the corresponding
    RUNTIME folders

File Location
File Type

File Extension

located in Content\...
Geometry files
Control Files
MAT Files
Daz Mats
Texture Files

obj - mtl
cr2 - pp2
PP pz2 - Daz dsa
jpg - png

Geometries\MeshWorks\Horizons\SkyHab\ *
DS Materials\MeshWorks\Horizons\
textures\MeshWorks\Horizons\SkyHab\  *
* Must be located in this directory.

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Setup Guide

Primary Components: Many of the surfaces are reflective and may slow down render times. There are several levels of the SkyHab so you can add just the parts that will be visible. All skytowers are at the same 1500' above sea level. Two Footing options are available.

0- SkyHab Base
The SkyHab architecture included the ability to rotate on it's base, mostly for severe weather conditions or strong winds. Use when you intend on turning the SkyHab on it's base as a whole unit. This loads the Trestle support to which the other parts parent to. Be sure to select BODY of this figure before loading additional parts in this order; 3- Workshop, 1- Main Floor, 2- Roof Control and one of two Footing types.

1- SkyHab Main Floor
This is the living area of the tower and includes kitchen, breakfast nook, lounge and dining pits, exercise area, medical bay, shower, wardrobe, sleeping area and a center spiral stairway for access to the Control room above and the Workshop below. Features include a refrigerator/freezer with opening doors, adjustable MedBay patient table, rotatable exercise wheel and counter top display screens.

Glass Doors on the right and left along with front sliding double doors can be controlled via sliders. The landing pad turnstile can also be rotated by slider.

The counter top displays can be turned on or off with MatPose. Displays consist of two layers. The bottom layer is the actual counter top, and the upper layer has transparency and foreground layers which can be hidden by setting the opacity to zero.

Click to view full size

2- SkyHab Roof Control
This is the roof and control room. It is also the ceiling for the Main Floor. The control room serves as the operation center to monitor and direct the Repair Technician, Security Drones and Hydro/Mining Rigs. Typically, only the command personnel are allowed in the control room (a.k.a. Vika).

Only the stair access hatch, entry door and chair are movable objects. Chair can slide, tilt and swivel. Door and access hatch can be controlled by slider. The door should only be opened via the slider, as the inner door shifts slightly inward when opening.

A future update will include control room walls that can be turned off to enable better rendering angles. Check the Updates section above for more information.

Click to view full size

3- SkyHab Workshop
This is the sub level to the Main Floor where maintenance and repair is preformed on Security Drones, Tech equipment and weapons. Section includes work bays, repair tech clothing locker, lavatory, washroom and utility storage. There are four access points by; top and bottom of spiral stairway, rear door to the exterior stairs on the left side and a large bay door for Drone regress.

The ceiling is a separate prop and can be hidden. ERC Controls in the BODY open Service Door, Access Hatch and large Bay Door.

4- SkyHab Footing Type 1
includes scalable center post that can be extended to the desired height. This was the footing style used for Tech 49 skytower.

4- SkyHab Footing Type 2
Intended for placement on mountain tops where a tripod footing wouldn't be practical. This footing style was used for the Tech 52 tower.

Alternate Components:

Alternate Wardrobe Type 1
This is the setup used in the movie in the area next to the Medical Bay. Either type 1 or type 2 must be added to the Main Floor level if the area can be seen through the windows. Select the 1-SkyHab Main Floor figure to parent in place.

Alternate Wardrobe Type 2
Type 2 alternate wardrobe includes lockers, sink and toilet.

Alternate Workshop Man Cave
Although this feature was not included in the movie, it seemed like some form of entertainment area was needed. Select the 3-SkyHab Workshop figure to parent it. Features include wide screen LCD monitor and a pair of reclining lounger chairs.

SkyHab Trestle
All SkyHab levels and Footing can be parented to this piece, but the 0-SkyHab Base, should be used instead. Included as a standalone item if needed, for exterior renders as example.

Furnishings & Add-ons: Optional
SkyHab Control Downlights
Frankly, I simply missed adding these to the exported obj model and didn't realize it until after the product was packaged. This will be included with the Mk2 version. This is a pp2 prop file, just select the 2-Roof Control to parent it in place.

SkyHab Control Furnishings
Some items for the recessed shelf and a coffee mug to keep Vika hydrated. Each item can be repositioned separately. Select the 2-SkyHab Roof Control figure to parent these in place.

SkyHab Main Curtains
Two separate curtains for the left and right side. Because of the architecture having a slanted roof in the front, these curtains only extend to where the roof begins to slope. A future add-on may be made to encompass the front. Both curtains can be opened and closed using the scale transform dial. Select the 1-SkyHab Main Floor figure to parent these in place.

SkyHab Main Furnishings
Includes dining table, chairs, coffee pot, removable canister, counter decorations and several Med Bay components. Each item can be repositioned separately. Select the 1-SkyHab Main Floor figure to parent these in place.

SkyHab Workshop Furnishings
This adds a service cart, stool, storage box and technician tool crate. Each item can be repositioned separately. Select the 2-SkyHab Roof Control figure to parent these in place.

SkyHab Studio Background Screen Type1
This is a wrap-around backdrop similar to the LCD screen used in production of the movie. The only difference is that type 1 has a convex curve to it to create more depth in renders. A flat screen version will be available also.

Post-production Change: Click to view full size

New Pool Water
When creating the promotional images for this product, I discovered something that would greatly increase the models appearance. The Pool surface was simply a flat plane with a water texture and bump map on it. With a little experimenting, I found a great way to create water with it's reflection distorting characteristics without using the temperamental 'Refraction' settings. Not wanting to rebuild the entire Main Floor, I decided to turn the original water plane invisible and add an entirely new object model.

Parent the 'New Pool Water' figure to the Main Floor by selecting 1-SkyHab Main Floor before loading. The new surface has 10 times the amount of quad polygons on the surface with built-in ripple feature. Create wakes by adding a new deformer.

A quick way is to set the shape and positioning around the figure making the wake as shown on right. Then use small adjustments to the transform, rotation and scale transforms to get the look you want. Move the deformer field around the pool to follow the figure.

Click to view full size

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How-to Tips

Materials ! Important !
Because of the differences between how Daz and Poser read the cr2's, apply the corresponding material files to every componet loaded. Daz dsa and Poser pz2 material controls files are supplied for each level of the SkyHab as well as for all furnishings components. Material files included in both the Pose and Props folders and either has the same functions. Feel free to delete un-needed material folders.

FYI - Control files with the TET symbol are just place holders and have no function in Poser.

Custom Horizons Font

I created a custom made True-Type Oblivion font for this set. This was my first attempt at creating a font, but I think it came out allright. I will probably create a new one with better character spacing in the future. But this set will work decently for creating custom Tech graphics and Panel textures.

Windows Font Installation:
Download the font file below and either drag-and-drop into your WINDOWS/FONTS/ folder, or right-click the file and select 'install'.

Download OblivionBold.ttf Font
(12,776 bytes)

Typical Tech Colors



Creating Custom Tech Graphics - Note: Product expansion now available

Most of the Tech designation numbers are decal style and can be changed by creating new textures and changing the diffuse and transparency map to the new file. The other maps can be altered/created as outlined below. You can use the custom font provided above. Write each number separately and move into the slight off-set position. Merge the text in a blank area of the image and cut-copy the new number. Place new number over the old number. Merge/combine all images and save as a new image using the Tech Number as a suffix, for example; TechGraphics##_d as either a jpg or png file. Original texture maps can be found in the Runtime/textures/MeshWorks/Horizons/SkyHab/ directory.

TechGraphics57_d.png & TechGraphics57_t.png
This is used for the decals. Use this file as a guide to create both a diffuse and transparent map measuring 400 x 400 pixels square. The numbers are in three colors on a tan background. Be sure to keep the background color for better blending. Decal used on; Exterior right side of Control Room, Inner bays of Workshop, Bottom corner of Workshop Service Door.

Landing Pad turnstile number. Set font size to 60 and use a 1 pixel white shadow. Stretch horizontally to match size.
Downloads: Png Guide - Landingpad58-D.jpg -

Roof Panel. Set font to 128 and resize to match size.
Downloads: Png Guide - RoofPaneling58-D.jpg -

Used for the video monitor in the Main Floor Med Bay.
Downloads: DisplayPanels58-2.jpg -

Used on the Control Room back wall and some not yet used texture for the Med Bay.
Downloads: WallPanels1-blank - WallPanels58-1.jpg -

Counter Top Display

There are two texture layers to the Counter Top in both the Kitchen area and the Breakfast Nook. The Underlay is part of the counter and the Overlay is a decal plane with a texture and transparency map.

See Freebie Add-ons below for 8 new texture maps.

Creating Custom Tech Sector Maps

This is the center display for the Control Room table. In addition to the displaying the main sector map, the SkyHab number is also shown and should be changed to match.
Downloads: ControlPanelC-blank.png - MapGridOverlay.png - ControlPanelC58.jpg -

Horizons Tech Sectors - N. America Map

Pre Mar 14 2077:
Tech Team 48
(Puerto Rico, Haiti)
Tech Team 49 (North-East U.S.)
Tech Team 50 (Nova Scotia)
Tech Team 51 (Great Lakes U.S.)
Tech Team 52 (Central East Coast U.S.)
Tech Team 53 (South-East U.S.)
Tech Team 54
(Mexico-Yucatan Peninsula)
Tech Team 55 (South-West U.S.)
Tech Team 56 (Central West Coast U.S.)
Tech Team 57 (North-West U.S.)
Tech Team 58 (British Columbia Canada)

Oblivion Fan Art Project Page

Under Construction

This project is currently under construction. What will be included is an interactive Map Viewer, user submitted Graphic Novels, Storyline ideas and collaboration, detailed Background information and exclusive add-ons for the Horizons product line. If you are interested in creating your own Horizons story, see the suggested Tech Storylines page.

Interactive Horizons Tech Sector Map - Beta
Horizons Map Viewer.

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Scene Lighting

NOTE: No light sets included. Renders done in DS3a with 2 or 3 lights.

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Free Add-on's

Unzip to the same content directory as the Horizons SkyHab

Figure morphs and poses for M3 Jack and V4 Vika
I am not a Morph designer and these are the best I can do. If you are a morph designer, please make some better ones and share them with the community. ShareCG is a good place as is the MeshWorks website. Send a copy to me to the email address below, and I'll give you the newest expansion.

Download (1.1 mb)

8 new CounterTop Underlays and Overlays
Includes 4 overlay and 4 underlay options with DAZ and Poser control files and texture maps. Materials effect the counter tops in both the Breakfast Nook and Kitchen.

Download (4.5 mb)

Sky & Cloud Backgrounds
This is a Work In Progress. I am creating 360° backgrounds for the Torus Backdrop along with a flat screen style. In addition, a cloud plane simular to the new pool water.

Download (mb)
More great sky backgrounds can be found here.

Kitchen cookware and TET Foods
Dining table accessories

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Promo Images
Click for bigger image.

Share your artwork

MeshWorks Gallery
ShareCG - DeviantArt

Banner Exchange

<A HREF="http://www.krown-products.net/meshworks/" TARGET="_new"><IMG SRC="http://www.krown-products.net/meshworks/Banners/HorizonsBanner_728x100.jpg"></A>

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Product Expansions

For best results, install to the same content directory as the Horizons SkyHab

Security Drone Mk1
Drones perform dual purpose as defensive units patrolling the areas around the Resource Gatherers and protecting the Tech Teams. Packed with an array of sensors, the drones also search for and assault Skav groups. Armed with quad cannons and protected by advanced balistic armor make the drones a formible adversary. See Product Brochure or Online Store for more information.

SkyCopter Mk1
The SkyCopter, also known as a Bubbleship, is the primary mode of transportation for the Resource Gatherer Support teams. A mix of a Bell helicopter and a jet fighter, makes this craft extremely versatile and maneuverable. It is also capable of low-orbit space travel. See Product Brochure or Online Store for more information.

Tech Teams Expansion Mats
This expansion includes new texture maps and materials to change SkyHab designation to #48 to #58. Each Tech team has it's own color theme. Control files change interior and exterior tech numbers, Control Room center console display and color selection for carpet and seating cushions. See Product Brochure or Online Store for more information.

If interest continues.

The Horizons Project needs someone to create the Tech jacket and pants for M4. I don't have the skill to make organic or textile conforming figures, but I do have the original material textures and a bunch of reference images. If you can help, please send me a note on the Contact page.

TET Hydro


Jack Tech

Wanted: Clothing Designer

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Product Files
SkyHab Readme html document *
KPL _Originals\...
Html related graphics *
MeshWorks\Horizons\SkyHab\... *

0-SkyHab Base.cr2
1-SkyHab Main Floor.cr2

2-SkyHab Roof Control.cr2
3-SkyHab Workshop.cr2
4-SkyHab Footing Type 1.cr2

4-SkyHab Footing Type 2.cr2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 1.cr2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 2.cr2
Alternate Workshop Man Cave.cr2
Base Upper Trestle.cr2
New Pool Water.cr2
SkyHab Control Furnishings.cr2
SkyHab Main Curtains.cr2
SkyHab Main Furnishings.cr2
SkyHab Workshop Furnishings.cr2
Studio Background Screen.cr2
0-Base Tressle MATS
0-SkyHab Base.dsa
0-SkyHab Base.pz2
0-SkyHab Trestle.dsa
0-SkyHab Trestle.pz2
1-Main Floor MATS
0-SkyHab (default) Main Floor.dsa
0-SkyHab (default) Main Floor.pz2
1-Counter Display OFF.dsa
1-Counter Display OFF.pz2
1-Counter Display ON.dsa
1-Counter Display ON.pz2
1-Med Bay Monitor OFF.dsa
1-Med Bay Monitor OFF.pz2
1-Med Bay Monitor ON.dsa
1-Med Bay Monitor ON.pz2
2-SkyHab Main Furnishings.dsa
2-SkyHab Main Furnishings.pz2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 1.dsa
Alternate Wardrobe Type 1.pz2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 2.dsa
Alternate Wardrobe Type 2.pz2
New Pool Water (default).dsa
New Pool Water (default).pz2
2-Roof Control MATS
0-SkyHab (default) RoofControl.dsa
0-SkyHab (default) RoofControl.pz2
1-Control Furnishings Mats.dsa
1-Control Furnishings Mats.pz2
2-Control All Displays OFF.dsa
2-Control All Displays OFF.pz2
2-Control All Displays ON.dsa
2-Control All Displays ON.pz2
2-Control Center (Analyze).pz2
2-Control Center (default).pz2
2-Control Center (Overview).pz2
2-Control Center (Status).pz2
2-Control Center (Viewer).pz2
2-Control Center Display OFF.pz2
2-Control Center Display ON.pz2
2-Control Left Display OFF.pz2
2-Control Left Display ON.pz2
2-Control Right Display OFF.pz2
2-Control Right Display ON.pz2
2-Control Vert Display OFF.pz2
2-Control Vert Display ON.pz2
3-Workshop MATS
SkyHab57 (default) Workshop.dsa
SkyHab57 (default) Workshop.pz2
Workshop Furnishings.ds
Workshop Furnishings.pz2
4-Footing MATS
4-SkyHab Footing 1.dsa
4-SkyHab Footing 1.pz2
4-SkyHab Footing 2.dsa
4-SkyHab Footing 2.pz2
1-Light Exterior OFF.pz2
1-Light Exterior ON.pz2
2-Light Interior OFF.pz2
2-Light Interior ON.pz2
3-Light Accent OFF.pz2
3-Light Accent ON.pz2
4-Control Downlights OFF.dsa
4-Control Downlights OFF.pz2
4-Control Downlights ON.dsa
4-Control Downlights ON.pz2
Set Reflect All Default.pz2
Set Reflect All Off.pz2
Set Reflect Default 1-Main Floor.pz2
Set Reflect Default 2-Roof Control.pz2
Set Reflect Default 3-Workshop.pz2
Set Reflect Minimal.pz2
Set Reflect Off 1-Main Floor.pz2
Set Reflect Off 2-Roof Control.pz2
Set Reflect Off 3-Workshop.pz2
0-SkyHab Base.cr2
1-SkyHab Main Floor.cr2

2-SkyHab Roof Control.cr2
3-SkyHab Workshop.cr2
4-SkyHab Footing Type 1.cr2

4-SkyHab Footing Type 2.cr2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 1.cr2
Alternate Wardrobe Type 2.cr2
Alternate Workshop Man Cave.cr2
Base Upper Trestle.cr2
New Pool Water.cr2
SkyHab Control Furnishings.cr2
SkyHab Main Curtains.cr2
SkyHab Main Furnishings.cr2
SkyHab Workshop Furnishings.cr2
Studio Background Screen.cr2

Same as Pose\ above


Same as Pose\ above

MeshWorks\... *
ridge-bump2.jpg SilverReflect.jpg
Common\... *
turn off for reflect.jpg
StudioTorus_Day_Mild.png StudioTorus_Panel_Moon.png
Horizons\SkyHab\... *

* Must be located in this folder.
# Control files include matching png files.
 Updated files.

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