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The SkyCopter, also known as a Bubbleship, is the primary mode of transportation for the Resource Gatherer Support teams. A mix of a Bell helicopter and a jet fighter, makes this craft extremely versatile and maneuverable. It is also capable of low-orbit space travel.

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SkyCopter Mk1 features opening cockpit doors, retractable landing gear, panable cockpit, tail rotor spin, rotateable engine pods and winglets connected to the rudder pedals (when using ERC sliders).

Landing Gear can be controlled by 'RetractGear' slider to smoothly stow the gear under the fuselage just like seen in the Oblivion movie. Each leg can be controlled separately. It's best to use the slider only and not the individual leg transforms.

Includes MAT Pose to place Skycopter on SkyHab Landing Pad.

This model was started by someone else, but was redesigned, textured and poserized by MeshWorks. I trust you will find my attention to detail in this re-creation to your satisfaction. As always, if you find discrepancies, let me know through the 'Contact' page.

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SkyCopter Mk1-3 SkyCopter Mk1-5 SkyCopter Mk1-8 SkyCopter Mk1-9 SkyCopter Mk1-10 SkyCopter Mk1-11

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SkyCopter Mk1 [figure] Cockpit HUD [prop] Tail Decal [prop]
Control Files:
!SkyCopter Mk1.cr2
Mk1 Cockpit HUD Addon.pp2
Mk1 Tail Decal Addon.pp2
Loads the SkyCopter figure at default 0,0,0 position.
Adds a Heads-up display to the cockpit.
Places a number decal on the tail section.
Place SkyCopter on Pad.pz2
SkyCopter Gear Down.pz2
SkyCopter Gear Stowed.pz2
Moves the SkyCopter to the SkyHab Landing Pad.
Move landing gear. Use dials in BODY for best results.
Move landing gear. Use dials in BODY for best results.
SkyCopter Mats/
Mk1 Cockpit HUD.pz2 7 different control textures for the Heads-up display.

Product Expansions
Horizons SkyHab

Horizons SkyHab
The SkyHab, or Skytower, is the base of operations and home for the TET's Resource Gatherer Support teams. These structures are built high in the air and consist of three operation levels, a base trestle structure and a footing base. The operation levels are the Control Room, Main Living Floor and a Workshop.

Price: $12.95 USD

Security Drone Mk1

Security Drone Mk1
Drones perform dual purpose as defensive units patrolling the areas around the Resource Gatherers and protecting the Tech Teams. Packed with an array of sensors, the drones also search for and assault Skav groups. Armed with quad cannons and protected by advanced balistic armor make the drones a formible adversary.

Price: $5.95 USD

Horizons Bundle #1
Exclusively at the MeshWorks store. Includes the SkyHab, SkyCopter Mk1 and Security Drone Mk1.

Price: $19.95 USD

Freebie Add-ons
Basic Poses  

Pilot and passenger basic poses for the SkyCopter Mk1. Includes five poses for M3, M4 and V4. Custom character morphs available in the SkyHab Owner's Manual.


pz2 Pose files


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