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Tynon Strategies
The Noble Lady
  Each day, the Noble Lady, Guinevre, visits Aerie city and gives rewards for telling her your stories. This usually happens at 9pm or 10pm depending on your server. She randomly appears in a new location at each 5 minute mark. Whether you're doing the search by yourself (Solo Search) or have friends to assist you (2 Player or 3 Player), finding her can be a challenge. By using the search travel maps below you can easily aquire 10 million credits during this hour long event. Remember that credits are used to increase your Talents, or can be used at the Fair for coins or crystals.

  The first player that tells their stories receives 1 million credits. The second player will receive 900k, third gets 800k, and so on. The tenth player, and each player after, will get just 100k credits along with being scolded for being late. Some servers and/or realms may be more active then others and reaching her early enough to get decent rewards may be a challenge.

Event Notes;
  Sometimes the Noble Lady appears hidden behind one of the game personalities. This usually happens with Tor and Guards at the Castle and Church. Be sure to look carefully during your search. Also, areas above the Skyhole may be difficult to see and reach. Turn off player visibility, then move to one side or the other, hover your mouse over until her green hightlighted red dress becomes visible and click.

  Once you have received your reward, return to your starting position and click on the Train icon. You might as well be gaining Experience points while waiting for the next five minute mark.

  If working together with partners, be sure to use the chat feature and call-out her location when you find her. Do this immedately after you have clicked the button to tell your stories. Search your area carefully, as the other players are counting on you to throughly search your designated area.

  Working with a partner works best if they are a guild mate. Use the Guild chat for communicating. For friends that are not part of your guild, use the Private chat. Use the one-word name for the general location first, then you can be more specific to the location after. Be sure to watch other players that may be looking for her as well. If you see a known searcher or several others heading for a location, they may lead you to finding her more quickly.

  Somtimes, if you are the first to click her when the event begins, you may receive a message that ' you have already claimed your reward ' and will not get credits. It's a glitch in the software. If you think you may be the first one there, wait for another player to click her, this way you'll still get some credits.

Solo Search-
  Start at either the Castle or the Church. This is a long trek, but you should be able to make the entire search in about three minutes.

2 Player Search-
  Decide before the event starts which area you and your partner will search. The upper area consists of the Castle, Wall, Skyhole, Bank and Garden. The lower area is the Church, Tor/Aziz, Cave/Tree, Circle, Letizia and Sonja. It's slightly better to have a mount if covering the lower area.

3 Player Search

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