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Tynon Strategies
The Cretan Labryinth
  Costs 30 stamina for the first daily attempt and 60 for the second. Event Notes;
  receive 50 points for defeating the Labryinth boss. At VIP 4, you receive one additional attempt, but still costs you 60 stamina and 10 gems.

  Avoid using your 1 free Skip until you know what awaits you in the final square before the boss. There's little worse then getting to the end and find a Transport in the final space with no free Change or Skip available.

Level 1, Easy-

Tynon Labyrinth Map

1.  Download and Print this image
(zoomed to 100% or fit to page).
Insert it in a clear page protector.
Use a dry eraser marker to label
all maze squares you uncover.
Clean the page protector with a
dry cloth or tissue after use.

Download Map

Labyrinth Strategy
A straight forward path strategy to defeat the maze

 Follow the path on the left. Avoid using your 'Skip' until you have seen the space (2) in front of the boss. You can deviate from the path to avoid Destiny squares, but try to get back on track as soon as possible.

1.) After clearing the first and second row, make a bee-line to the opposite side of the map adjacent to the Healing braizers. You can use either the right or left side to get there.

2.) Once you have determined what is in the square before the boss, you can then use 'Skip' and 'Change' as needed for the remainder of the maze.

3.) Move back towards the center of the map, keeping in mind how many moves you have remaining. Reserve 3 or 4 moves and zig-zag through the middle toward the boss. If you have extra moves left when you are at the final square, you can always clear the squares on the right or left. Be sure you always have enough moves.


 Use 'Old Dreams' to replicate high point squares. Monster Pits are always good, but if you get three questions on 'Question' spaces, these are worth 30 points. Remember that if you had a 'double bonus' when you attacked a monster, 'Old Dreams' will not include the double effect.

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